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 Season poems

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PostSubject: Season poems   Fri Feb 05, 2010 10:33 pm

Autumn wind blows

The Autumn wind blows
She stills feels the cold
even though the fire glows
like brilliant gold

Emptiness fill her heart
alone she sits and wonders
for her heart is cut
what else can she ponders

The Autumn wind blows
Spring passed by
she listen to the whistle blows
Time to to say good bye

He promise to return on March
she waits for her lover
for she misses him much
hoping it will never be over

The Autumn wind blows
she yearn for him
making her heart slows
and the light dim

There he is on the meadow
Her lover is running
She looks out the window
and knows it worth waiting

Winter snow falls

Winter snow falls
he walks sadly alone
passes many walls
and trees of cones

Walking on the cold snow
he found a lovely kitten
all covered in snow
put her in his mitten

Winter snow falls
she walks in haste
avoid the flying snow balls
her eyes grazed

Where is her honey?
she is looking for
her honey
try not to trip on door

Winter snow falls
she saw her honey
she called out
he say yes honey

Amuse as she is
Honey is her kitten
amuse is he is
handled over his mitten

Hi I am Michelle
He smiles I am Kenny
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Season poems
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