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 Legend of John Vipor

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PostSubject: Legend of John Vipor   Wed Apr 28, 2010 7:35 pm

(Due to my lack of creativity, I may or may not base my story on real life.)
John Vipor.
Born February 1st, 1996.

Chapter 1
Since the year 2008, I have been wanting to be 2 things. A fighter pilot, and the best damn thing that ever happened to computers. I joined the Air Force, and even though I needed glasses, I some how became a pilot.
In 2016, unbelievably, I went on 2 covert operations, and got to fly my 2 favorite aircraft. On January 1st, They had me scouting the what possibly could have been Bin Laden's hide out. At night, in an F/A-22 Raptor. Turned out the area was deserted, but hell, I was still a pilot.
A few days after that Secronom was raided, I was test piloting a new model of F-15. Can't talk much about that, confidentiality, Government secrets, blah.
After a few hours doing barrel rolls, lopp-the-loops, Evasive manouvers, and hitting super sonic speeds, I was told to land. I wasn't given a reason.

When I landed, The base was under attack. I heard that the people infected with N4 had been attacking people, I didn't think much of it, and I was always a Zombie fanatic. They werent Attacking, they were feasting.

I told the bastards to aim for the head, but they refused to listen. They, of course, Got their asses wooped.
Me, an avid weapons collector, and My friend, David, went to our room and raided our closet. I grabbed my sabre, dont ask where I got it, and David grabbed my Spas 12.

We escaped. It took days and days to get to the city of Fairview. Where the radio says it's safe. We were a few blocks away from what we thought was the Outpost, it was there, However, David was grabbed from behind. It bit right into his neck. He threw me the Spas and demanded I shot them both in the head. So I did. I didnt want him to suffer, but I didn't want him dead.
I unloaded the other 8 shells into the bastard, even after they were both dead. I was pissed.

That was a bad Idea. Out of nowhere, Infected with good muscular structures were sprinting at me, and infected that barely had legs were hopping at me. I had no shells left. Just the gun and the sabre. I cut a few heads off before I got bit. It wasn't a bad bite, but his saliva hit the wound, so I figured I was screwed. I ran for the outpost anyway.


The best doctors told me I was screwed. The maximum time I had to live was a couple days. I refused to let it be that short.
I hung around the marketplace, and bought the cheapest beers possible. I got wasted, and I mean WASTED. The hangover was hell, and I don't remember what the hell I did. A woman told me I was simply staring at people and talking funny. She said she took me to her place to sober up, and Passed out after eating her last Apple Pie. When I woke up, The hangover, like I said, was pure hell. I've drank more beer than that and hadn't had such a bad hangover. One survivor told me that I was going through the transformation, from Human to infected. I think he was right. The Nerotonin had regenerative powers, and I was bitten by the infected, so the reason my wounds were gone was obvious.
I do really believe that if I hadn't have had the will to live, I would have became one of them. I just went to the Marketplace and went over to the guy selling shotguns. I told him that If I turned into one of them, to kill me. I also asked for a beer, which he reluctantly got me.
I sat in the corner, finished my beer, and stayed there for hours. All I could think about was her. Erin, she said her name was. I was in love. If it wasn't for her, I would have died.
The process was scary. I almost forgot how to breath, how to talk. I forgot words. I forgot who I was, where I was. I passed out.
I pulled through. I hoped that I had become immune, like the chick from Resident Evil had after she had her share of the "T-Virus".
After a few days, I built up the balls to ask her out.
Of course she said yes, but after 4 days, she dumped me. I was heart broken for over a month. She then started going out with a guy named Chris. Then a guy name Brett, and she's been with him since.

(The relationship part of the story is true, other than missions and looting runs of course ;P)

Thanks to CyberChick (Ashley) and Soc the 3rd(Sparrow) for allowing me to put them in my story. Lack of creativity, remember? (Not in the story yet...)
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Computer Technician
Computer Technician

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PostSubject: Re: Legend of John Vipor   Wed Apr 28, 2010 7:36 pm

Chapter 2
Brett dumped Erin. I hated him. I just wanted her happy, and he ruined it. Whatever. The date is April 22nd, 2017. He insulted me too. Ha, Funny. Erin was crying all day. She went to her house and just stayed there, all day. I went and talked to her. For hours, we talked. Then Suddenly, the Outpost Attack Siren sounded. "I'll be back" I said, after I kissed her on the cheek.
I grabbed my Spas and my Sabre and got to work. I was randomly teamed up with a guy who called himself "Sparrow", and a girl, Ashley. We basically destroyed every infected, charred, mutated and long armed dumbass in our way. I guess you could say we were friends. When we were done tearing it up, I went back to Erin's house. Nobody was home.
There was a note on the Bed. It Read:
I can't go on living anymore. Nobody loves me. Nobody. I'm going to Death Row, and I'm not coming back. I'm going to let a Behemoth kill me. I can't bare to do it myself. Don't come after me, It's too late. Good bye John. I love you.
- Erin

I was running through the outpost, looking for Ashley and Sparrow, but I couldn't find them. I knew I couldn't take on a Behemoth alone. Yet I had to. I took out $20000. I bought 1200 12 Gauge Shells, and 2000 9mm bullets for my Uzi. I also bought bandages and barricaded stuf.
I quickly threw on my Reactive SLX and took my Spas, Sabre, and Uzi. I didn't care about getting hurt, I just want her back. Once I entered the outpost, I heard the faint noise of gunshots. Repeatedly. From Erin's AK....I hotwired the nearest, non blown up, car. It just so happened to have enough gas. Police Cars, For the win. I set the sirens off and started driving. Slightly faster than Dale Earnhardt Jr. when he was still racing.
The sirens attracted some aggro, but I knew Erin would hear it, and I think the sirens are kinda cool! I had some young guns with bats turn their heads. I was halfway there. The gun shooting was getting louder, and louder. Swerving past cars, running over zombies, I heard a deafening "Rawwwwrrr!!!!!" and then a scream.
On the last turn, I saw it. Smaller than in the legends, but still a "F****ing Huge MotherF****er!!"
At least 14 Feet high. I stopped the car. There was Erin, she tripped while she was backnig up. She was crawling backwards slowly. I hopped out, pulled out my Spas, and started firing. I barely dented its thick flesh. I then had an Idea.
I picked up the nearest rock, I put it on the gas pedal. I aimed the car at the son of a bitch, and put it in drive.The damned thing fell when the car hit its foot, but the car stopped, obviously the Monster crushhed the engine on its way down. I aimed carefully at the gas tanks cap, and pulled the trigger.
That Some-bitch exploded like he was nothing.
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Computer Technician

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PostSubject: Re: Legend of John Vipor   Wed Apr 28, 2010 7:36 pm

Chapter 3

Erin lay crying on the ground through all of this. I went over to her and picked her up, gently, and started walking back, looking for any car that will take us home. Erin's looked over my shoulder.
Erin: John. Were F*****.
I looked back. Exploding cars aren't exactly good when you're at Death Row. They really arent. Don't do it. There we're 3 Behemoths. Each bigger than the one I destroyed. I let Erin stand on her own. We started backing up. I pulled out my CB.
Me: John Vipor requesting IMMEDIATE assistance at Death Row. I repeat, IMMEDIATE assistance at Death Row. 3 Behemoths are approaching as we speak.

At first, there was no response, So I kept repeating. Somebody finally answered.

Ace: Hello John. I'm Captain of the 19th Fighter Squadron, US Air Force. Request acknowledged, Im bringing you some heavy ass fire power, over.
Me: What do you mean by "heavy ass fire power"??
Ace: I'm taking off now in an A-10, The Behemoth's are gonna wish they were never infected.
Me: What the hell?
Ace: John, you're gonna wanna move back, over.

I then heard a low roar coming from behind me. As ACE said, it's an A-10 Warthog, I saw the bombs attached, and decided we had to move.

Me: Erin, we have to go. Those three are gonna get their asses destroyed, and we're WAY past danger close!

Erin continued to cry. She wouldn't respond so I picked her up, threw her over my shoulder, and booked my ass outta there like Forrest Gump. 2 huge explosions later...

Ace: 3 Behemoth's down. John, you might wanna get your ass outta their, before more come out, over.
Me:Negative, transportation is needed!
Ace: Well, you may be in luck. There is a car, mobilized. It's headed you're way.

Then I heard the engine of the truck. Seconds later, it came into view. It was a 2014 Ford Mustang. It skidded to a stop.

Sparrow: John! Get the Hell in!!

I lifted Erin into the back seat, and hopped in next to her. In the driver's seat was Sparrow, and the passenger seat was Ashley. Sparrow started driving.

Ace: I'm going to land and regroup with you at the Outpost Bank, roger?

Sparrow slammed his foot on the gas.

Ashley: What the hell were you thinking John, You coulda been killed!
Me: How'd you know I was out here?
Ashley: The bartender told me you were looking for us. He told us something about you, Erin, and Death Row.
Me: Erin's depressed as hell. She's suicidal, but she couldn't kill herself, so she came out here.
Sparrow: Whats wrong with her at the moment?
Me: Probably shock, Paranoia, and the whole god damn event she just went through.

After about half an hour, the entrance of the Outpost came into view.

Me: Drop us off here, I want to talk to Ace.

The car stopped, I opened the door.
Me: Take Erin to the best doctor. THE BEST. I don't care how much he cost's, I'll pay for it.

I got out and walked towards Ace. The car sped into a hidden garage on the outside of the outpost, and Sparrow, holding Erin, and Ashley walked into some tunnel.

Ace: John Vipor?
Me: Yes sir.
Ace: I heard you were a pilot. One of the best. I'd like to create a wide-scale airbase. I have Money. I have Man Power. I have safe land to build it on. But what I'm missing is another Pilot.

Me: I'm sorry. I can't. I have to stay with Erin.
Ace: Im not asking you to come just yet, I just wanted to know If you're in.
Me: Sure. Listen, I have to be with her. Peace out.
Ace: Roger. Hope to be flying with you soon.

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PostSubject: Re: Legend of John Vipor   Wed Apr 28, 2010 7:37 pm

Chapter 4

I turned away from Ace, and started for Erin's house. It's close to the entrance of the outpost, so it is a quick walk. I walked past a few kids, attempting to play baseball, but the big guy hit the ball into the darkened skies, and out of the park, so to speak.

Kid 1: Aww shit. Why's you have to hit it so hard?
Kid 2: I'm tellin mom if you keep cussin'.
Hitter: Not my fault, I hit it, thats it.

Now, I wonder where they learned that language, I thought with a smile. I walked up the steps, and knocked on Erin's Door. After a couple seconds, Ashley opened the door, and allowed me In. Erin was on the Couch, a doctor standing over her. I walked over and started talking to him, quietly.

Me: What's wrong with her, Doctor?
Dr. : From what I see, She has PTSD and she's in a state of severe shock. I don't know how long the PTSD will last, but the shock will go away sooner than you think. Just give her some antibiotics as a precaution.
Me: What would N2 do for her?
Dr: I honestly do not know. Nerotonin 2 is for regeneration of tissue. It can't hurt to try.
Sparrow: Can you even afford N2, John?
Me: I got enough money to buy hundreds of doses.
Dr : Give the poor girl some rest. She'll need it. John, how recent is that cut?

The doctor points towards a 7 inch gash. Not wide enough for stitches, yet infectable. He had gotten it when he was with the Behemoths, but it looked possibly, 2 days old.

Dr.: It looks like it's healing. When did you get it?
Me: Today? Questioning himself
Dr. : Have you had N3 in the past?
Me: Naw, I was infected. I went through that withdrawal. It was months ago. why?
Dr. : You're immune then. The last guy did the same thing. No infection killed him, however, a mutant did. The doctor Frowned

Me: You gonna go yet, or what?

Yet the doctor had left before John could put in his last 2 words. Sparrow sat on the rocking recliner, Ashley on the dining chair, and Erin lay on the couch. The room got darker as the day got later. Eventually, I flicked on the lights and started to make dinner.

Me: You guys want anything?
Ashley: Whatever you're having.
Sparrow: Same.

I popped open a bottle of Bud Lite. Cool, Not cold, But not warm. I got 3 glasses out and started pouring. The smell of Beans, Potatoes, and Beef Patties engulfed the room. Ashley and Sparrow were talking, but I couldn't hear them over the sizzling of the patties. Erin had obviously smelled the food, and her eyes started to move.

Me: Shh, don't wake her up.

Her eyes opened slightly. She turned over to look at me.

Erin: whsipering John.
I walk over to, and kneel down next to Erin. I looked into her eyes. Pure beauty.
Me: Also whispering Yeah, babe?
Erin: I'm sorry.
Me: No no no, Don't apologize. It's okay.
Erin: No, I'm really sorry. What I did was stupid. I almost couldn't control myself.
Me: It's Okay Erin. I would do anything for you. I love you, I always have, I always will. Nobody else can love you as much as I do.

Erin's eyes fill with tears. She isn't sad, She's happy. Eventually, I grew the balls to kiss her, and she kissed back. Love filled my heart past the fullest extent. I told her to get some rest, and she went straight back to sleep after Ashley and Sparrow left. I covered her up, and got a blanket for myself. It was blue, my favorite color.
I slept on the recliner next to her, nearest the door. I didn't want her to get hurt. Ever again. I had my Spas at arms reach, just in case.
It was pitch black outside. The only light came from the moon, and the Candle burning on the table. I woke up to some noises outside. Almost dozing back to sleep, the sound of the door's lock being picked is heard. I pick up the Spas, ready to bash his head in, then shoot.

A cough is heard from outside the door. The door opens. In a split second, I stand up and cock the shotgun.

?: Whoa, man, Don't shoot!
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PostSubject: Re: Legend of John Vipor   

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Legend of John Vipor
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