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PostSubject: Venetica   Sun Mar 27, 2011 10:57 am

Warning: This is nothing but spoilers. It recounts my time playing the game.

Venetica is a third person action fantasy game about the character Scarlet, and her unforunate life. You have many choices in the game, and on the first playthrough I tend to choose the good options first.

You start off the game in a dark alley being serenaded by a knight in shining armor, who asks you to join him in adventuring, which you refuse saying that you're not an adventurer and wouldn't like to go off on quests (FORESHADOWING?). At this point you're wearing a white dress that I will refer to as a wedding dress from now on because there is no way that someone would wear that white of a dress for no reason at all.

Right after this you hear someone calling for Benedict, the knight, who goes off to see whats the matter. You stand there and check out his butt as he walks away, and when he finally leaves you look around like you have absolutely nothing else to do. Around this time you hear sounds of metal clacking together and people screaming, and some guy runs past you and gets shot right through the chest with an arrow. The village might be under attack, you're not quite sure yet.

You finally decide to start running only in time to not be shot around three times. You run around, and try crossing a bridge that has Benedict and your step-mother on the other side. Unforunately, the church behind them was filled with dynamite, and it blows up. Somehow the only people you ever cared about don't die, because of some divine act of fate moved them out of the way of the falling church bell. The bridge didn't move, and you promptly fell off the broken bridge.

You land on a pile of burning debris, and walk off two broken legs because you're so badass. Your wedding dress gets all torn and dirty, and this seems to piss you off. This is when you start playing. Benedict is back, and he yells to you to stay where you are and he'll come get you. You hear someone calling for help, so you pick up a random poker and smash down a burning door. A villager is being assaulted by an assassin, and you easily dispatch the villian. He thanks you, and you leave.

Outside the house, the militia leader is fighting off the assassins with a few of the militia. It's a pretty one sided fight, the militia are pretty good fighters. You run up and throw a few surprise hits in, then let the militia take care of the rest. Eventually you kill about five or so, before the militia decided to disappear and leave you alone. Half-naked. With a poker. Against a gang of assassins. Good job guys.

Apparently I'm so pathetic that swinging a poker twenty times, I counted, exhausts me. I fall to my knees as three assassins walk towards me in a slow motion manner that hints that something badass might happen soon. I am not disappointed, as Benedict jumps off a three story ledge and impales one assassin, does a backward thrust into the second, and does a glancing blow against the third.

Benedict starts trying to say something, still in slow motion, when the dying third assassin throws a dagger at me for some reason, to which instead of pushing me to the ground Benedict takes the dagger in the back. He falls on me, and there's this heart wrenching scene where I hug him and find blood on my fingers. It then melts because I roll him over right on the wound. Good job girl, you're horridly pathetic.

The bodies of the assassins disappear, and there's about a minute of me crying over Benedict's body while the camera spins around us.

I then pass out from crying, some how that exhausted me too. I'm in some sort of spirit realm because I'm in a cave now. There's this tall tan king like man, and I can only think; ITS THE WITCH KING OF ARMOR SUL. He tells me he's my father, so Death is my daddy. Sweetness, possibly.

Then there's like twenty seconds of me talking back to my father while all he says is SLEEP. No really, he told me like six times. He then asks me if I want the power to see the dead and avenge Benedict. I choose the ability to see Benedict against because apparently I love him desperately.

I wake up, and say to mother, "Last night couldn't of happened." I get up, stretch, and look out the gaping hole in the wall at the chickens walking lazily around and over rubble. Nope, everything is just as you left it, Scarlet. Perfectly normal hole in the wall.
My step-mother then tells me I'm adopted for some reason. The player was being set into the story, but it was still a really rude scene. She then tells me that I look like hell and I need clothes. Then she kicks me out of our ruined house.

I happily leave, being sure to kick up dust on her rubble wall. I walk around town and get a few gifts from the villagers and turn back most of them. Apparently I saved their lives, but my poker and I really suck. I walk around and find the dagger that killed Benedict in a box above the blacksmith. It's a lot better than my poker, so I'll use it for now.

I talk to the blacksmith, who tells me that his daughter has some clothes I could wear, but I might have to get them fitted to me. This introduces a mechanic I hate, getting clothes fitted to you. He fixes the clothes for me for free, this being the only time he does so. He asks me to go get a pair of pliers from a rangers house out in the woods, so I happily do so. I walk out of the village, and over to a man standing by himself near the entrance of where I need to go.

I start talking to him, and he blames me for what happened to the village. The camera is slowly bouncing back and forth towards Scarlet, and eventually it stabs me. It was a pretty cool scene.

I see myself hit the ground, and I stand up again. The two that killed me beg for mercy and I grant it. I wander on down the hill and come upon two men arguing outside the rangers forest hut. I offer to help, and they tell me that they're the sons of the ranger and come to claim their inheritance.

I go inside the hut, easily find the pliers, and accidently solve a puzzle. I find a will, which reads that the hut will go to Nesto.
Nesto wears red, and looks like a french conquistador. The other I cannot remember the name, but he looks like Buddha. Nesto wants to turn the place into a tavern. I believe that this is an excellent business opportunity, because of the nearby copper mine. After a hard days work, those hard working miners could use a drink. He'll be rich. Buddha wants to turn it into an orphanage. I almost chose Buddha, because it sounded like the good option, but then I remembered the copper mine. Why would you want an orphanage so close to a mine? Children shouldn't be playing in the....You want the children to work in the mine!
It never actually says that, but I can only assume. I'm on to you, Buddha.

I settle the dispute, and they offer to guide me to Venice. I stumble through the mine killing oversized porcupines, and eventually get some gold for killing them all. I solve a puzzle that involves putting a statues head back on its body. It's a really hard puzzle because all the rocks look the same on Low Quality.

I then am teleported to hell, which is called the Twilight Realm. I see someone walking towards me in the distance, and it turns out to be Benedict. Oh Benedict, I lub you. Blue blue blue blue.

Scarlet isn't the brightest light bulb, because she asks "When can we be together again?". It's a pretty simple solution, he's dead. You're not. Apply knife to chest. Repeat until desired results appear. He gives me the power to jump to the twilight realm at any time.

I leave this area and wander around until I find Venice. Apparently I'm in Italy. Good to know. I have to go through a sewer first, because someone dropped a rock on those two brothers that were arguing. They followed me, and solved a few puzzles themselves. Hopefully I'll never see them again.

I fight my way through the sewers killing assassins as they sleep. Who's the assassin now, bitches?

Eventually I find a woman who claims to have attacked my village. She then hides on top of this wooden tower thing, and I knock down the supports from under her. I then kill her. Good job me.

It turns out I have to go to hell and kill her again, so I do. It's pretty one sided. I am then free to wander around Venice.

I easily join the guild of necromancers. Seriously, all I had to do was walk through a door. No wonder your guild sucks lady. The first quest she gave me was broken, and since it was crucial to the story I cannot beat the game. No, really, the game is broken. It tells me someone's house that I need to go to is in the middle of the waterway.


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