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 La Noire

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Shotgun Surgeon

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PostSubject: La Noire   Sun May 22, 2011 10:06 am

Well, I cannot name my character, which is in turn horrible since I was hoping to name myself Sherlock Holmes and sleuth my way into infamy.

The game progresses in 'Chapters', or in such a way that each chapter is a case. I search for clues, interrogate witnesses, and not shoot anybody. I pull my gun when I chase people, but I CAN'T FUCKING SHOOT ANYBODY AGH THAT GUY KILLED SEVEN PEOPLE AND RAPED THE WITNESSES.

Actually, if I run and aim my gun at someone, I fire a warning shot into the air. Shooting the ground around their feet doesn't do anything. They sometimes stop.

I cannot buy suits or guns, I earn suits. My gun is never mentioned, and I've only earned two suits so far. The first time I was given a gun was in a bank robbery, and it was a shotgun. There were five people inside. I walked in, blew the first away. The two that ran were shot next. The last two tried hiding.

The game is fun, you get immersed rather easily. After each chapt...'case', I get a little video dream thing about my character being an officer in the Marines. There's also newspapers scattered around, and I can pick them up and read them, which gives another little dream thingie that shows me a video about it.

There's a rather amazing feature, picking shit up. I walk around, looking for clues. The controller vibrates, and I can press 'A' to pick it up. Then I can use the right analog stick to move it around. I can do the same thing with corpses. I just grab the guy, and touch and prod him. I can search his shit, dig through his wallet, and move his head and hands around.

This game is, in itself, a game about being a police officer. I am not sure if I just am not to the point where I can, but I have yet to be evil. Why can't I plant those pubes of a raped girl in his bathroom? Why can't I just shoot the gun, plant a gun and write it off as he pulled a gun on me?

There's also the fact that I know someone did the crime, but the evidence can't be found. I KNOW IT WAS YOU WHAT DID IT. Police brutality existed in the 1940's, just let me break his knees. He'll confess.

Its an amazing game. I recommend it.
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La Noire
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