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 Mikhail Victor's Report #3

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Mikhail Victor
Mikhail Victor

Gender : Male
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Age : 26

Character Sheet
Name: Mikhail Victor
Weapons: M4A1, SIG Pro SP2009, Mk3A2 High Explosive Grenades, Combat Knife
Items: Wireless Tactical Radio, 5.56 mm NATO Magazines, 9x19mm Parabellum Magazines

PostSubject: Mikhail Victor's Report #3   Fri Jul 15, 2011 11:34 pm

I've finally made it to Dogg's Stockade the trip there was not easy.The sights I've found across Fairview are far from uplifting I found a downed U.S.S. helicopter I searched for survivors but all that I found were bodies.It turns out it was a unit from Delta team they were transporting something special, documents I found at the site states they were coming from the Sheena Island Research Facility. But I couldn't find the item or any info on what it was I'm requesting for a team to be put together to find this item.This item was coming to our base of operations I give this issue Security Code:Red Level 5. Victor, Mikhail U.B.C.S. Captain reporting to Umbrella HQ.
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Mikhail Victor's Report #3
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