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 Pokemon Diamond Version : A Journal

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Spider Wizard
Spider Wizard

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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Diamond Version : A Journal   Thu Jun 21, 2012 4:39 pm

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W. Birkin
W. Birkin

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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Diamond Version : A Journal   Thu Jun 21, 2012 6:45 pm

With initial training complete for the entire team, and Havoc's glorious transformation from
Caterpie, to rock-hard Metapod, to Graceful and powerful Butterfree, we set our eyes upon
small town of Pewter City. A faint wind blew at my face as Havoc "Free'ed" excitedly beside
me. We both knew it was the calm before the storm and I was ready to bring the proverbial

We quickly made our way into the heart of the town and made way for the Pokemon Center.
My team and I had to prepare ourselves for the battle with Brocko, so we relaxed for a while.
Hit up the Museum and tried to take a stroll into the fields just east of the city, but some faggot
stooge of Brock's stopped me and dragged me towards the Gym after insisting I was "lost."

"So you're the new upstart huh? I saw your profile in the League Registry. You've only got 4
pokemon, I see. Usually trainers have six by the time they reach me, but hey, you're sporting
a Butterfree. I'd be impressed, but bug types usually peak pretty early." He smirked with the
smugness of a Trigger. "Rock on the other hand is a different matter. It takes them ages to
form. Can undergo several dramatic changes throughout their existence and become the
foundation for everything. My rock-hard dedication will decide whether you're fit to be the
league champion or not!"

"But yer gunna have to get threw me furst, chump!" Someone else spoke aloud from the
shadows. It was one of his jokers, a tubby fucker with a Southern accent. "Mah poka'mon
will wipe you out! Go sandshrew!"

"Dispose of them, Plant 42!" I released Plant 42 from captivity and smirked with satisfaction
as I watched all the confidence and fire suddenly drain out of the Southern Trainer's eyes. He
looked nervously between me and his Sandshrew. "42, Vine Whip." In the blink of an eye and
a crack like a whip, 42 lashed out at Sandshrew with its thick, fleshy vines and slapped it into
submission in one fell stroke.

The Southern Trainer collected his sandshrew and looked on scornfully as me and 42 walked
past him and now stood directly before Brock. I must give him credit, despite knowing what
he was up against, he kept his cool. "Impressive. I may have underestimated you. I apologize
for my arrogance before." I grinned sharkishly in return.

"Pride's a hard stone to swallow, huh? S'ok, I'll make it easy on you. By shoving it down your
throat!." Brock clenched his fists before calling out his first pokemon, Geodude. I sent 42 in
to deal with the bouldery pokemon and like the Sandshrew before it, Geodude fell with one
clean strike of 42's Vine Whip.

"You're tough, but you're making a mountain of a pebble, so allow me to drop a mountain on
that hard-head of yours! Go Onix!" Brock growled out as he released Onix, one of the largest
and gloriously phalic pokemon I've laid eyes on! The behemoth rock-snake peered down at me
and Plant 42 and bellowed in a deep, resonating voice. "42, return." I chimed out calmly as I
recalled Bulbasaur who seemed somewhat relieved. "Alright Jennifer, time to play."

Jen's ball opened in a dazzling array of white light as she arrived on the battlefield, her cry
like that of angry beast and the laughter of a child. I could tell the size of the beast had some
what intimidated her, but this was going to be a cake walk. "Jen, Leer, weaken it's defence!"
With an affirmative nod, she peered harshly up at the rock-snake, causing its rocky form to
actually tremble. "Onix, smash that thing with a tackle!" The large snake shook its head to
break eye contact with Jen then lunged forward with a bellowing roar, smashing into the
ground just in front of Jen! The attack was enough to send her flying, though her quick
reflexes saved her from serious damage! Her tail snagged a pipe, the momentum brought
her around and she used the rest of the energy to launch herself at the large pokemon!

"Low Kick." I murmured as she flew past me, her form flipping, tumbling in the air before
she thrust her legs out, skidding low to the ground as she delivered a nasty kick to Onix,
sending the large beast toppling over and smashing through the Gym wall! The burdensome
beast groaned mournfully before flopping flat to the ground, completely knocked out! Brock
groaned in frustration as he recalled Onix.

It was kind of funny, he hardly said anything to me as I collected my winnings, my badge and
the TM Rock Smash. I taught that one to Jen as a reward for the astonishing win she pulled off.
We hit up the Pokemon Center to relax and at the break of dawn we left out for Mt. Moon.


Obedience breeds discipline. Discipline breeds unity. Unity breeds power.
Power is life.
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W. Birkin
W. Birkin

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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Diamond Version : A Journal   Thu Jun 21, 2012 7:07 pm

Route 3 was an interesting trip. The route consisted of a rocky winding path that
leads up to base of Mt. Moon. There's a lot of trainers along the path, mostly bug
catchers, maybe one or two picknickers, but it was the lovely Lass's that caught
my lustful eyes. I'm ashamed to say this but the bitches were able to distract me
with their womanly ways and nearly cost me a match, but that's fine. With 42
assisting me, I was able to dole out some corporeal punishment that I'm sure they
won't soon forget!

Mid-way through Route 3 there's this meadow of tall-grass. The only information
I had about the pokemon in this area was from a sleepy fellow back in Viridian, he
said a pokemon called "Jigglypuff" could be found here, but that it was rare, so I
didn't get my hopes set too high. I waded through the grass for a bit but didn't see
anything special. I saw a few pidgey and some Spearow, some Ratatta, but finally!
I saw a glimpse of pink out of the corner of my eye! Surely this was a Jigglypuff!
I sent out Havoc to investigate, but what I found wasn't a Jigglypuff but instead
a Male Nidoran!

The pokedex informed me that Nidoran was the Poison Pokemon. Its large ears would
flap around like wings when it was listening for sounds, and that it would flex its spines
like a porcupine when pissed off! Meh, it was the first pokemon I encountered in the area,
so I caught it. I named the little guy Nemesis. With that business done, we made our way
to the pokemon center just outside the entrance of Mt. Moon.

We rested up a bit at the center while I tried to dig up more information on the mountain
itself. But I couldn't concentrate! There was this pungent odor in the air that vaguely smelled
like one of the girls I battled with on the trail. I glanced around and found a guy in the corner
peddling some sort of goofy fish pokemon called Magikarp! He only had one left and he seemed
to be quite desperate to get rid of it. "I didn't think they made crackers this big" I remarked, tho
the fisherman didn't seem to like the joke. "It's not a cracker, you asshole. Look, I can't go home
until I sell all of them, otherwise my wife will lock me out. Do me a favor, will ya?"

I looked at the guy and then back to the Magikarp, then sighed. "Fine, if it'll get you and this
god-awful smell out of here, I'll take it." I threw down the $500 bucks and claimed my 6'th
team member, FI-03, nicknamed Neptune. With the air a little bit fresher, I returned to my

Bonus: Art Table :D


Obedience breeds discipline. Discipline breeds unity. Unity breeds power.
Power is life.
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W. Birkin
W. Birkin

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Age : 32

PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Diamond Version : A Journal   Sat Jun 23, 2012 6:02 pm

I spent a day or two at the pokemon center just outside of Mt. Moon learning what I could about
the cavernous cave-system that ran through and underneath the mountain itself. The cave was
natural but the tunnel connecting Route 3 and Cerulean City was man made. The mountain
got its name from the numerous craters dotting the mountain range caused by meteor impacts
over the centuries and because of the rare mineral known as Moon Stone which seems to be more
concentrated in this area.

Something about the mountain range just doesn't seem right to me...

The fossil exhibit at the Museum back in pewter suggested that fossils can be found in and around
the Mt. Moon range, but due to the wild life and natural hazards, it isn't as popular among the
paleontology crowd, so I'll have to keep my eyes out. I made a few trips between Route 3 and
pewter city to collect supplies, and then finally ventured into the gloomy caves of Mt. Moon.

The place was surprisingly well lit for a naturally made cave and I couldn't take more than a few
steps before getting swarmed by a fucking flock of Zubat or Geodude! I know the information
said they were common, but jesus christ! As if that weren't bad enough, there were plenty of
trainers present looking for a fight! I felt as if I were jumping from one battle to another, but I
guess it wasn't ALL bad.. I managed to find a couple of potions, a TM called Bullet Seed, a couple
of those Moon Stones, a Rare Candy and even a Gold Nugget!

After stumbling around through clouds of Zubat, tripping over Geodude after Geodude, and
rumbling through every trainer that pestered me, I finally found my way down to the second
floor of the cave. The Zubat didn't seem to be as densely populated here, but they seemed to be
a bit bigger... The place was practically barren of trainers, too. I noticed a particularly shady
character near some steps, dressed in a black suit brandished with a maroon R. I planned to
ignore him when he stopped me and told me to beat it, that the area was under the control of
Team Rocket. I rolled my eyes and tried to step past him, but he stopped me again and challenged
me to a pokemon battle.

The chump only had a Zubat! Can you believe that? He probably just snatched it from the area.
Jen made easy work out of the flying rodent, burying underneath a pile of rocks after using Rock
Tomb. I sicked her on the Rocket dweeb and raided his wallet when she was done with him, then
continued on my way. Wouldn't you fucking know it though? There was another asshole dressed
in the same attire further down the passageway!

He threatened to take my pokemon from me if I didn't turn back, that the "fossils" were now the
property of Team Rocket. I told the dumbass I didn't know what he was talking about, but that
only made him fly off and send his pokemon at me. At least this guy had more than one pokemon,
but they were still just a pair of Zubat... Whatever this Team Rocket is, they sure suck at picking
their pokemon... I whipped this chump the same way I did the last one and swiped the cash from
his wallet, then continued on.

I met some half-crazed nerd raving that the fossils were his and that no one could have them, then
attacked me before I could even have a chance to explain! By now me and my team were tired
and in need of rest, but luckily the guy only had a Voltorb and a Magnemite, Jen took care of the
one-eyed wiggling magnet while Plant 42 whipped Voltorb into shape. The nerd flipped his shit,
threw a wad of money at me and begged me not to take both fossils from him.. He offered one of
them to me and said I could take one, I grabbed the Dome Fossil and quickly walked away.

Eventually I made it out of that fucking cave and emerged on Route 4. Thankfully it was free of
trainers, well, save for a pair of Martial Artists offering to teach my pokemon to use Mega Punch
and Mega Kick, but only Jen could learn them, but she was exhausted from the cave, so we made
our way straight to the Cerulean City pokemon center to rest.


Obedience breeds discipline. Discipline breeds unity. Unity breeds power.
Power is life.
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Spider Wizard
Spider Wizard

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Age : 24

PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Diamond Version : A Journal   Sat Jun 23, 2012 9:46 pm

I lol'd at the mountain pic. 😂
Nice updates birk, I'd say we are not too far apart progress wise. I just finished the goldenrod gym.

A team update:

Peeves (Gastly lv. 18)
Ezerbeth (not pictured because woops Geodude lv. 20)
Ichiban (Crocknaw Lv. 18)
Flora (Oddish Lv. 18)
Houdini (Drowzee Lv. 17)
Pazuzu (Zubat Lv. 19)

Also still have ekans in box as a backup member, though underleveled at this point.
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W. Birkin
W. Birkin

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PostSubject:   Sat Jun 23, 2012 11:30 pm

After the arduous and aggravating trek though the bowels of Mt. Moon, my team and I emerged
on the other side and on to Route 4 just outside of Cerulean City limits. My team and I enjoyed a
short reprieve at the center and then made our way back out to Route 4 for some training. The
alcove we passed by on the way to Cerulean City sported thick patch of tall grass. From experience,
I expected to see mostly Ratatta, Pidgey and maybe Spearow here, but to my surprise, I ran into
an Ekans! Long, majestic and gorgeous in color, I had to capture it! Havoc assisted me in this
endeavor and so Yawn the Ekans joined our ranks.

After we captured Yawn, my team and I buckled down to resume our training. We hadn't seriously
trained since Viridian Forest and by now we were starting to see stronger foes. Most of the team
was progressing exceptionally well. Plant 42 and Nemesis underwent evolution and evolved into
their second stages. I expect Alexia to evolve soon as well, and both Jen and Havoc are growing
strong. However, FI-03's growth is painstakingly slow. Given his lack of any physical means of
offense, I've had to adapt a bait-and-switch style of training for him. For a while this was the
only means of being able to strengthen FI-03, but soon he began to learned to Tackle and could
take part in combat a bit more proactively, however, he lacked any real physical strength. So,
I persisted with the bait-and-switch tactics. It took several days of continuous training, and a
few Rare Candies, FI-03 was able to evolve! He learned the ability to bite as well, which will no
doubt aid him in training.

As our training session ended, my thoughts turned to Cerulean City. There was another gym here,
operated by a fiery young lady by the name of Misty. Her specialization was Water-type Pokemon,
which meant she would be another piece of cake. I heard from the locals that there was some sort
of gauntlet challenge to the north called "Nugget Bridge", you fight your way through a 5-man
gauntlet to cross the bridge and if you succeed you get Gold Nugget. Buying the supplies for the
extended training trip had left my funds drained, so I decided that Misty could wait. We packed up
and made for Cerulean City again, rested at the Center, then made our way north to the nugget

You know.. some times I hate myself. As we made our way towards the bridge, I got to thinking
that I hadn't seen that faggot Trigger in a while, then a funny feeling hit me and I realized I had
just fucked up.. Sure enough, he comes strolling down from Nugget Bridge and stops me! I tried
to reason with Trigger, all I wanted was to get by him and go for the bridge, but all he did was
call me a sissyfaggot. I tried to explain that while being a faggot was ok and all, I couldn't be one
because I had fucked his sister for a Town Map back in Pallet. Needless to say, Jimmies were oh
so rustled!

Well, if anything can be said about Trigger, he at least continues to try! This time he managed
to get a hold of 4 pokemon! First up was a Pidgeotto vs Havoc. Pidgeotto was going to be a big
problem for me and my team. Half of them were weak to it and it was stronger than most of
my team, I had to be smart to win this fight. Havoc used his stun spore to paralyze Pidgeottto,
but the blasted bird still managed to get off a gust attack that nearly killed Havoc in one shot!
I quickly switched Havoc out for Jen who took a quick-attack as she came in to battle. As the
next round began, Trigger tried to spam another Quick Attack but Pidgeotto was paralyzed!
Jen retorted with Rock Tomb clobbering the bird with stones and reducing its speed further!
The next round Jen finished off Pidgeotto with another Rock Tomb, burying it clean beneath

The second chump he sent out was an Ratatta! Jen took care of it with two Karate Chops to the
head, knocking the little vermin out cold and clean! By now Trigger was looking kind of nervous
and sent out one of the pokemon I hadn't seen before! An Abra! I recalled Jen knowing that she
was vulnerable to Psychic-types and sent out FI-03! Neptune bellowed loudly upon entering the
fray, startling and intimidating Trigger's pokemon in a noticeable fashion. To my disappointment,
the only attack that Abra knew was Teleport, which it couldn't use because it was an official league
sanctioned battle! Neptune finished Abra off quickly with a nasty bite, and I must say, it was a bit
bothersome to get FI-03 to spit Abra out.

The only pokemon trigger had left at this point was his starter! While FI-03 had no Water-type
moves, Jen was ready to lay down another Rock Tomb! I expected that Trigger had at least got
his Charmander to evolve, but when he unleashed the fire-lizard, I was proven wrong. Trigger's
Charmander began to spam Ember attacks, but the Fire-type attack did little against FI-03.
Though, Neptune was unable to get a proper bite attack on Charmander, who burned his tongue
with each attempt! The battle wore on until I was finally forced to recall FI-03 after he had
become burned and sent out Jen to mop up! After one solid Rock Tomb, Trigger was finished.

In typical Trigger fashion, he simply tossed my earnings at me and bragged about how he hadn't
been serious, and that he would stomp my ass next time, then ran off after calling me a loser! I
begrudgingly returned to the pokemon center to heal before I'd take on Nugget Bridge.


Obedience breeds discipline. Discipline breeds unity. Unity breeds power.
Power is life.
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W. Birkin
W. Birkin

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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Diamond Version : A Journal   Mon Jun 25, 2012 9:29 pm

Nugget Bridge was a total joke. There was perhaps 12 pokemon between the 6 trainers on the
bridge and it turned out to be a recruitment scheme orchestrated by Team Rocket! Anyway, I
beat the recruiter down, took his cash and the nugget and continued down the path towards
Cerulean Point. I heard that a rare pokemon collector could be found at the point and that the
place was popular for young couples to hang out at, but no one told me there would be so many
fucking trainers present! Ugh...

I eventually made it to the pokemon collector's place, a creepy looking lighthouse, and what was
inside was even creepier! The place belonged to a guy named Bill, who turned out to the one who
invented the pokemon transfer and pc storage system. Seemed he had been working to improve on
the system when something went wrong! While the machine functioned as it was supposed to, it
some how had turned Bill into a pomemon! I gotta say... For a second there, I thought about
capturing Bill, but he bribed me with a cruise if I helped him get back to normal, so I did. After
some tinkering, we ran the machine again and returned Bill back to normal and as promised he
gave me his ticket to the S.S Anne in Vermillion City! Well then, there was only one thing left to
really do in Cerulean City, stomp the gym leader, Misty!

As I peered over the Cerulean City Gym, I was all but dumbfounded... The place was almost as
barren as Pewter City's gym! I'll give Misty this though, she at least had two other members
over Brock's, but that didn't matter when I could just bypass both of them and face off against

"Welcome trainer! I am the elegant mermaid of Cerulean City Gym! The one and only Misty!
And you, you must be Birkin! Another trainer from Pallet said you'd probably be coming this
way. He tried to sell me information on your team so that I could get an unfair advantage on

Goddamn that pesky Trigger!

"While that sort of thing isn't against league rules, its generally frowned upon for Gym Leaders
to get foreknowledge on their opponents, but that's fine! As a gym leader, I am expected to be
able to adapt to any situation and any opponent! I won't lose to you Birkin!"

"I'm inclined to disagree! But unlike you, I'd rather express myself through actions rather than
words! Plant 42! I choose you!" Without even blinking I released my apathetic companion and
the battle began. "Misty chooses Staryu!"I wasn't sure which was stranger... That Misty had
spoken of herself in the third person or the strange star-shaped pokemon she had released.

Of course as soon as Misty realized what pokemon she was going up against, her confidence was
shaken, and that fact was compounded when Plant 42 unleashed a mighty vine whip attack on
the star fish pokemon! The attack nailed a critical point, knocking the disadvantaged pokemon
out with one stroke.She recalled Staryu and sent out more sushi, this time a.. pointier, purpler
version of her last pokemon called Starmie.

"Heh, piece of cake! Are all of you gym leaders so one dimensional?" I chimed out confidently
as Plant 42 prepared for another attack. "Make fun all you want! Unlike you I chose the hard
path! Any ordinary trainer can collect different types of pokemon for any situation! It takes a
truly talented trainer to specialize in one type!" Misty growled out angrily and thrust her finger
at my Plant 42. "Starmie! Swift!" The purple star pokemon launched a barrage of err.. smaller
stars at Plant 42 and dealt a nasty bit of damage! I had to end this fast! "Vine Whip!" I retorted
and Plant 42 was all too happy to return the nasty attack that knocked Starmie back!

Unlike Staryu, however, it wasn't enough for a one-turn knockout! Starmie got back up. "Recover!"
Misty called out and I watched as Starmie's wounds began to rapidly heal! "The hell?! That thing
can regenerate? Quick, Plant 42! Hit it with another Vine Whip!" Ivysaur's attack landed another
heavy blow but Misty simply recovered again! This went on for a while and I suddenly realized
what it was she was doing! She was letting 42 wear itself down! At this rate, Plant 42 would be
in serious trouble.. "There's more to being a trainer than type advantages and levels! It takes
strategy and integrity, too! What about you, Birkin? Do you have what it takes to be the best?!"
Misty called out before having Starmie belt Ivysaur with another Swift!

I clenched my fist tightly as I looked to Plant 42 and to Starmie.., Plant 42 was the only pokemon
I had with an advantage over water and this Starmie was exceptionally strong.. I didn't doubt
that I would win, but there would be casualties before that happened, and I couldn't allow that.
Then, it struck me! I couldn't believe how stupid I had been! If I couldn't win through sheer
brute force, maybe I could use Misty's strategy against her! "Plant 42, Leech Seed!" Plant 42
unleashed a barrage of small seeds upon Starmie which rapidly sprouted and grew into a web
of vines that ensnared the water type and began to sap its energy and feed it back to Plant 42!

"S-Starmie! Recover!" Just as quickly as Leech Seed sapped Starmie's energy, Starmie would
replenish it. I smirked in satisfaction, things had gone just as I had hoped! "Alright, 42! Hit
it with another Vine Whip!" 42 lashed out at Starmie, striking it across it's core! The strike
hit hard and just like before, the vines continued to sap Starmie's health and funneled it back
to 42! Despite Misty's attempts to keep Starmie's health up, 42 would continue to wear it
back down, until Leech Seed finally knocked Starmie out!

"Darn it.. Even I have to admit that that was a pretty clever move.. Using Starmie's own ability
to recover in order to heal your Ivysaur. I guess you are pretty good.. Here's the Cascade Badge,
you earned it. I can't say for sure if you're good enough for the league, but you've got a lot of
potential." Misty tossed me the badge, along with a TM for Water Pulse and some cash. I made
my way back to the center one last time to relax and to plan my trip to Vermilion City.


Obedience breeds discipline. Discipline breeds unity. Unity breeds power.
Power is life.
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Spider Wizard
Spider Wizard

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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Diamond Version : A Journal   Tue Jun 26, 2012 8:41 pm

For some reason I randomly picked up Fallout 1 which makes me want to replay Fallout 2 afterwards...

I'll try to keep getting through my run though. I've just made no progress in the last two days or so.
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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Diamond Version : A Journal   Tue Jun 26, 2012 8:57 pm

Pengor wrote:
For some reason

I think we both know why you got it.
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Spider Wizard
Spider Wizard

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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Diamond Version : A Journal   Tue Jun 26, 2012 10:29 pm

Well actually I've had it. I tried to start it twice and never got past Shady Sands up until now. I am really enjoying it this time now. Listening to the game audio really helps, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I'm enjoying dat soundtrack. (I don't really remember 2's tbh)
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W. Birkin
W. Birkin

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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Diamond Version : A Journal   Wed Jun 27, 2012 4:52 pm

My group and I left Cerulean City early the morning after my fight with Misty. Oddly enough,
there were only 2 ways out of the city and onto route 5! The first one was a small opening in a
fence to the south of the city, but it was blocked by overgrowth, which no one in the area could
cut through...

The other was through some old couple's house. The place had been recently robbed! I had
planned on letting it go, but as I stepped out back I noticed one of those Team Rocket chumps
just standing there patting himself on the back... Me and Havoc beat him down and took back
the item he stole, a TM for Dig, and we returned it to the owners, but they had forgotten all about
the TM by then...

Whatever, I pocketed it and got the hell out of there. We traveled south through Route 5, which
was a steep hill like area with thick patches of grass along a rocky-ridge path. It was along this
path that I ran into a suave looking Meowth! He and Havoc exchanged a few blows before I
managed to nab him. His name's Wesker.... I.. don't know where he got those glasses from, but
he refuses to take them off. Oh well.

We reached the end of Route 5 and then took the underground path to Route 6 and from there
we arrived within Vermillion City! There's a bluff that overlooks the entire city and the bay area
that's gorgeous of you catch it at the right time of day.

we hit the pokemon center and regained our health then we started sight-seeing, and by that I
mean we made our way towards Digglet Cave. I'd heard from some of the locals that the gym
leader here was a guy named Lt. Surge, and that he used Electric-type pokemon. That, wasn't
good for me, half of my team were considerably weak to Electric-types. Digglet Cave, however,
offered at least one substitute. I piddled around the cave for a little while and encountered what
I had come looking for, a wild Digglet! I used Havoc for the encounter, using a combination of
stun spore and confusion to subdue it for capture. I named her Terra. With my Digglet in tow,
I exited Digglet Cave and made my way into the field east of Vermillion City in search of other
pokemon to aid me in my fight with Surge, but the only other one I encountered was Drowsee.
and some fat sloth that my pokedex called a Snorlax. I already had a psychic type and I couldn't
wake Snorlax up, so I returned to the city to rest.


Obedience breeds discipline. Discipline breeds unity. Unity breeds power.
Power is life.
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Spider Wizard
Spider Wizard

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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Diamond Version : A Journal   Thu Jun 28, 2012 3:46 am

In the route past goldenrod I ran into a Nidoran. Flora, my Oddish met it and attracted the wild poke'mon with the TM learned from the goldenrod Gym. Poor guy didn't realize what was happening. Luckily, the heartbreak and angst caused by this early childhood memory will translate to a cold-hearted ruthless Nidoking some day! I called him Imp.

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W. Birkin
W. Birkin

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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Diamond Version : A Journal   Thu Jun 28, 2012 5:04 am

Aww Imp looks cyoote


Obedience breeds discipline. Discipline breeds unity. Unity breeds power.
Power is life.
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Spider Wizard
Spider Wizard

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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Diamond Version : A Journal   Thu Jun 28, 2012 8:16 pm

well, this happened

I named him Mothra. hopefully he can live up to the greatness of Pazuzu. D:
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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Diamond Version : A Journal   Fri Jun 29, 2012 1:38 pm

Mothra is cool, but Slothra is better.

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W. Birkin
W. Birkin

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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Diamond Version : A Journal   Fri Jun 29, 2012 5:44 pm

The team and I have spent several days holed up in Vermillion City. I've learned a lot from
the locals in regards to Lt. Surge, mostly that he uses Electric-types and that his favorite is
a Raichu. Part of the reason we've been here so long is due to a switch-up in my team. I've
swapped Havoc, FI-03 and Alexia out for Yawn, Terra and Wesker, and I've been working
getting them ready for the gym.

We've spent most of our days training in the large field to the east of Vermillion City, taking
on the vast gathering of trainers and wild pokemon that inhabit the area, but the trainers in
the area are reluctant to give me a second glance when I pass through the area looking for
an opponent. Then I remembered the cruise ticket that Bill gave me back in Cerulean. I
fished the thing out of my backpack and looked it over. Eh what the hell? A cruise could be

Uh... Maybe I should bring Neptune just in case....

I spent a few hours just wandering around the ship since the cruise had been delayed. Some
of the servants said the captain was disposed of at the moment, but I have a sinking suspicion
that the maintenance crew was doing patch work, because this ship looked beyond terrible on
the inside... So many dents, bangs, dings, patched holes, replaced wood and metal beams...

Merciful Arceus, how the fuck does this thing even stay afloat? And it's no fucking wonder the
entire ship is so banged up, just about every passenger is a trainer and openly battled in their
cabins! This place is just an accident waiting to happen!

One thing was for sure, I wasn't about to go anywhere on this floating casket! I navigated my
way up to the second floor, maybe I could get a refund on the ticket from the captain, and just
as I reached the fucking cabin, who shows up but trigger! After a quick beat down, he tells me
he had come looking for a "Cute Master" but it seemed the dumb ass had misheard and that it
was actually a Cut Master, but he found neither, only a seasick old man! After giving me some
smack about beating me next time, Trigger departed... I made my way into the cabin and spoke
to the old man, well, speak might not be the right word. All he did was puke his guts out until I
rubbed his back... He seemed to recover after that. I told him that I wasn't going to be going on
this cruise of his, so he gave me HM 01 Cut instead.

After that, I booked it off the boat! No sooner had I set foot back on the dock, the S.S Anne
began its departure. I would have reported it sooner, Officer Jenny, but by the time I found
a working phone, the S.S Anne was already out of sight. Hopefully you can recover the bodies.


Obedience breeds discipline. Discipline breeds unity. Unity breeds power.
Power is life.
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Spider Wizard
Spider Wizard

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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Diamond Version : A Journal   Sat Jun 30, 2012 12:10 am

so you rubbed the puking old man's back, eh? but did you ever let go
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W. Birkin
W. Birkin

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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Diamond Version : A Journal   Sun Jul 01, 2012 5:10 pm

o-O Of course I let go! How else did you think I got off the ship and filled out the
police report?


Obedience breeds discipline. Discipline breeds unity. Unity breeds power.
Power is life.
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W. Birkin
W. Birkin

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Age : 32

PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Diamond Version : A Journal   Fri Jul 06, 2012 5:09 am

After spending several days filing police reports and giving testimony over tragic, albeit foreseeable
sinking of the S.S Anne, I was finally released to my own devices. There was but only one thing
left for me to do in Vermillion, and that was to conquer the gym. The entirety of my time within
the port town had been for this very moment, well, 2/3'rds training, 1/3'rd trying to snoop into
the nude beach... It was time to take down the Lightning American: Lieutenant Surge.

I stood outside the gym for a moment, just peering at the structure. The place looked intimidating
and there was a charge in the air that made the hairs on my arms stand on end. Were my team
ready for this? In my training, Yawn had evolved from a cute little Ekans into a cunning Arbok.
Wesker had come into his own during training, even finding a TM containing Secret Power, which
I used on him, as well as the HM Cut that the old man had given me. And Terra, she was there for
insurance, but largely untrained. "Can we really do this?" I asked myself.

I felt a sudden smack to the back of my head and glanced around only to find Wesker peering at
me, arms crossed with this serious look etched across his face. Even if he weren't a pokemon, no
words needed to be spoken, his body language said it all. He was brimming with confidence and
assurance. I shook my head and chuckled at how stupid I was being. I flipped my hat backwards
and drew my gloves taught. "Thanks Wesker. Lets go get that badge."

We entered the lobby of the gym and peered around the room. There were at least 4 trainers in
line ahead of us, all of them digging through what appeared to be trash bins. "The hell are you
guys doing?" All of them sneered at me and none of them replied. "They're looking for the two
switches." One of the gym staff kindly informed me. "We hide the remotes in those trash bins.
There's two of em and you need to hit both of them in order to turn off the electric fence and
reach surge. Good luck!"

"Pffft, fuck that." I sent out Terra and after some expeditious tunneling, we appeared before
a mammoth of a man, drabbed in a wife beater and camo print pants and boots. He stood
up from his throne and peered down at us angrily. "You got some nerve pulling a stunt like
that...Give me one good reason why I shouldn't throw you out of my gym and bar you from
comin' back?"

I paused for a moment as I looked at the hole Terra and I had come through, then back at
the crackling electric fence and the room beyond, then I turned back to Surge and looked him
dead in the eye. "I came here for a pokemon battle, not to recycle your garbage." Surge looked
at me for moment then burst into a gale of laughter.

"Ya got spirit kid! I like that! You're the first challenger I've had in a while that has gotten my
blood to boil! You got your battle kid, I hope you're ready for it!" With that my battle with surge

I already knew that I had an advantage going into battle with surge, he only had 3 pokemon to
my 6 and 2 of them were equipped with Ground-type attacks! by all means, this should be nothin
but a cake walk! "I choose you, Voltorb!" Surge sent out his first pokemon, mine was Yawn! The
two pokemon stared each other down but it was clear that Voltrob was quite intimidated by my
Yawn. "Voltrob, use Sonicboom!" Surge drew back his mighty arms and crossed them in a striking
manner, and at the same time Voltrob attacked, launching a shockwave of energy that pelted the
serpentine Yawn roughly, knocking it to the ground. "Dig! Yawn!" Rearing back, Yawn dove into
the ground.

"Heh! Hiding won't help ya kid! Voltorb, Charge!" The lights in the area began to flicker and cut
out as electricity began to spark and crack around Voltorb. Suddenly the look of confidence in the
spherical pokemon's eyes returned. "Hiding? Hardly! We're just getting into the right spot.. NOW!
Yawn!" With that the ground beneath Voltrob erupted upward, sending the Electric-type around
the arena like a pinball! By the time it settled on the floor, Voltrob was out like a light! "Tch.. yous
gout lucky..Return" Surge recalled his fallen Voltrob and as he chose his second, but before I could
decide to change pokemon myself, something extraordinary happened! Before my very eyes, Yawn
evolved from an Ekans into a magnificent Arbok! "Get'em Pikachu!"

Surge's second pokemon emerged from its captivity and looked about, eager for the fight that was
promised. That all changed the moment it peered at Yawn, as he unfurled from its coils, flashed its
menacing hood and hissed loudly. Quicker than any of us could blink, Surge's pikachu had ran
behind Surge's legs. "Oi! Stop being a scardy cat! Get out there!" Surge pushed him back into the
arena. "You're fastah than that overgrown belt, use quick-attack!" Pikachu zipped forward in a
yellow flash, tackling into Arbok roughly. "Stare it down, Yawn! Use glare!" Yawn recoiled from
the initial attack and returned with a piercing glare that shook Pikachu's resolve, paralyzing it on
the spot! "Now, bite it!" Yawn's jaws fell open with another sinister hiss and it lunged forward,
sinking its fangs into Pikachu's body. "Shockwave!" The electric rodent fought through the pain
and let loose a hellish electric attack that knocked both me and Yawn to the ground!

"S-shit... Yawn, return!" I recalled Yawn before he could take too much more damage and then
sent out my secret weapon. "I choose you, Terra!" I launched the ball high and watched as it
clattered across the floor before delivering the mole pokemon to the field. "Terra, magnitude!"
Surge suddenly looked panicked, he stepped forward with his fist pumping towards me "Are
yous crazy?! You're gonna-" Before he could finish the entire building began to quake and
vibrate violently! A deep, low rumble roiled forth from bellow us and grew louder as the
vibrations increased in violence! Cracks spidered across the wall, beams began to fall from
the rafters until parts of the ceiling began to fall! We took cover where ever we could, and
when the shaking finally stopped, and as the dust cleared, we saw that Surge's Pikachu was
unable to continue the fight, considering half the ceiling had fallen on it.

"Y-You.. sunnuva.. Return." Surge recalled his second fallen pokemon and pointed dramatically
at me. "You're goin' down kid, one way or anotha! Lets do this, Raichu!" Surge's third and final
pokemon emerged on the field with a clap of thunder. "This should be easy, get ready Terra!"
Surge would smirk lightly as he pulled a pair of glasses from his breast pouch and slipped them
on. "Hope ya can swim kid! Raichu! Surf!"

"I'm sorry, I zoned out for a minute, what was that?" I watched as Raichu grabbed a sheet
of metal and criss-crossed up a pile of debris and with each step the floor began to shake. Water
began to spew from the cracks in the floor, gushing up like a geyser. "Oh shit!" It was all I
could utter as a large wave surged forward and riding on top of it was Raichu! I could only watch
helplessly as the wave swept over Terra and myself! I was tossed and turned as the wave clashed
against the gym's walls, beating and battering me. As the attack subsided, I lay sprawled on my
back. soaked to the bone and half drowned.. I looked over and peered at Terra, limply laying
in a puddle and face down. "Goddamnit.. no.. H-how the fuck did you teach Raichu surf!?"
I called out angrily as I recalled my fallen companion while surge just cackled cruelly. "I didn't
teach Raichu surf, he already knew it when I caught em! Never seen anything like it before!"

I picked myself up from the floor and glared bitterly at Surge. "You'll regret that." My fingers
brushed over my team carefully... With Terra gone, I was no longer immune to Surge's electric
attacks and Yawn was too injured to continue fighting. "Plant 42, I'm counting on you!" 42
emerged from his pokeball in an agitated state and growled towards Raichu.

"Yer pretty slick kid! Plant-types are very resistant to both Electric and Water-type attacks. But
don't think this fight's gonna be any easier on ya! Raichu! Body Slam!" Raichu lunged at 42,
launching it's girthy body recklessly towards him, but the telegraphed move was easy enough to
dodge. "Leech Seed!" Plant 42 quickly turned and peppered seed pods all over Raichu, and within
moments they sprouted, covering the electric rodent in vines. "Quick Attack, Raichu!" Raichu
turned quickly on its heels and launched forward, nailing Ivysaur roughly. "Poison Powder!"
The bulb on Ivysaur's back bloomed, releasing a cloud of purple pollen which rained down on
Raichu, poisoning it on the spot.

"Tch..we gots to end this fast, Raichu. Use another quick attack!" Despite the quick and nasty
hit, it seemed that Raichu was getting weaker by the moment, and thanks to leech seed, 42
was recovering most of the damage it had recieved! "Razor Leaf, 42!" A cloud of sharp leaves
plumed out from 42's body and launched at Raichu, nailing it with a barrage of painful hits.
The weakened electric-type survived the barrage, but only barely, and as it prepared to retaliate,
Poison Powder and Leech Seed sapped any remaining strength the pokemon had left, dropping
it where it stood. "Damnit, Raichu!,, Gah.. return!" I recalled Plant 42 and approached Surge.

"You're a crazy motherfucker, kid.. but ya did good. You've ear-" I slugged the fucker right in
the jaw and knocked on his ass! And immediately regretted it! "Gah! The fuck's your head made
of?! I think I broke my hand!" Surge blinked then burst into a gale of laughter. "Here ya go kid."
Surge tossed me the Thunder Badge, a wad of cash and the TM for Shockwave, but it was little
consolation for what we lost. We returned to the pokemon center to rest and reflect on what
had happened.


Obedience breeds discipline. Discipline breeds unity. Unity breeds power.
Power is life.

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Failed Experiment
Failed Experiment

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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Diamond Version : A Journal   Fri Jul 06, 2012 7:33 pm

You will stop this adventure right now D:<

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W. Birkin
W. Birkin

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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Diamond Version : A Journal   Sat Jul 07, 2012 7:12 am

TRIGGER wrote:
You will stop this adventure right now D:<

Fuck you, imma do what I want!


Obedience breeds discipline. Discipline breeds unity. Unity breeds power.
Power is life.
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Spider Wizard
Spider Wizard

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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Diamond Version : A Journal   Sat Jul 07, 2012 3:23 pm

=( sorry to hear about your diglett. My run is not over despite no updates for a few days, I'm making some progress in SS right now.

Last event to happen: Beat Goldenrod gym, lost Pazuzu to a critical hit from a Kadabra in battle, caught Mothra at bug catching contest.

Team reminder:
"Ezerbeth" Lv 22 Geodude
"Imp" Lv 14 Nidoran (currently training)
"Ichiban" Lv 19 Crockonaw
"Flora" Lv 19 Oddish
"Peeves" Lv 19 Ghastly
"Mothra" Lv 13 Venonat (training)

in box but alive:
"Nagani" Lv 14 Ekans
"Houdini" Lv 17 Drowzee

Barnaby the Togepi
Pazuzu the Zubat
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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Diamond Version : A Journal   

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Pokemon Diamond Version : A Journal
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