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 Optional Game Elements for Trigs RP

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W. Birkin

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PostSubject: Optional Game Elements for Trigs RP   Sat Feb 15, 2014 9:48 pm

As the title implies, I'm putting together some optional gaming elements in order to turn the rp
into more than just us constantly writing. The elements are going to be based off the game
The Last Night On Earth, which is very simplistic and should be easy to convert into a simple
RPG like this. It's going to be a minor work in progress, since there are some changes to LNOE's
rules, but it shouldn't take long.

Bellow is a sample of the combat rules

Combat Element

Combat is conducted between two or more opposing opponents. Be it human vs zombie,
human vs human, or zombie vs zombie. Combat is broken down into the two following
categories: Melee and Ranged.

Melee: Melee combat refers to hand-to-hand combat between one or more targets
within the same space. To fight, players role a number of fight dice (six-sided die)
determined by their character class (see bellow) and compare the results. The
player with the highest outcome is the winner.

The number of fight dice a character can use depends on their character classes.

- Humans use two fight dice
- Zombies use one fight dice.
- Zombies win on ties.

Ranged: If a human character has one or more items or weapons with the
"Ranged" tag on them, they may choose to make a ranged attack with one
of those items.

To make a ranged attack, the player must first single out a single target within
the items range. Follow the instructions on the chosen item to determine if
the attack is successful or not. Humans may make a ranged attack on a
target within the same space.

Humans must be able to see the target or space they intend to attack when
making a ranged attack. While other players and enemies do not block the
line of sight, walls do. Players may only make ranged attacks when pressed
to a wall, as it is assumed that there are windows to see out of.

When a ranged attack is successful, the item will say whether the target was
wounded or killed. These are defined as followed:

Wounded: The target takes 1 wound. This is usually enough to kill regular
Killed: The attack deals enough damage to fill up the targets
remaining hit boxes.

This only matters if the target has more than one hit box.

Weapon Example: Revolver

Using Items & Abilities

There are a number of items and abilities that can change the outcome of
a fight, be it ro change the resulting number, force a reroll or negate certain
effects. These actions can be performed during or after combat to change
the outcome as seen fit.[/u]


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Optional Game Elements for Trigs RP
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