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 Punctuation counts.

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PostSubject: Punctuation counts.   Tue Apr 21, 2009 7:54 pm

Punctuation counts, especially in the letter I wrote in first period below.

Dear Isabelle,

I can't live. With you, I feel safe. When you are not around, I am lost. In despair I am always suffering. We can't continue to do this. I die a little inside when you leave me. I'll be happy when you say 'yes', I will jump with joy.

Dear Isabelle,

I can't live with you. I feel safe when you are not around. I am lost in despair. I am always suffering. We can't continue. To do this, I die a little inside. When you leave me I'll be happy. When you say 'yes', I will jump with joy.
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Punctuation counts.
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