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 Nicole's Diary

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PostSubject: Nicole's Diary   Tue May 12, 2009 8:56 pm

Lately, Iíve been in the mood for zombies, but unfortunately, there are only two zombie games on the internet that draw my attention. One is no longer fun, and the other is in development. That sort of leaves me up-creak without a paddle, so in an effort to relieve some of my ďzombie stressĒ Iíve decided to make a bit of a story. I hope it provides you with some sort of entertainment. This will serve as a warm-up for the longer zombie story (that isnít diary based) that I will be doing afterwards.

August 2, 1987
Hello, my name is Nicole Summers. I am seven and a half years old. My mommy bought me this diary today, and told me to write in it whenever I want. Mommy says Iím a good writer for my age. I donít misspell words a lot, like the other kids. My favorite color is blue, but I think yellow is my second favorite, and I like to go swimming.

August 8, 1987
Today, Mommy and me went to the mall to buy new clothes for the school year. Iím going to be in second grade. Mommy says she canít believe how old I am.

August 22, 1987
Today was my first day of second grade. My new teacher is named Mrs. Reed, and my friend Chelsea from last year is in the same class as me. Julia got put in Mrs. Barksdaleís room. I hope weíre all together again next year.

October 1, 1987
Daddy came over today. He and Mommy started yelling at each other again. I wish they wouldnít do that.

October 19, 1987
Mommy says we have to find another home. We canít afford the one we live in now. I hope I get to go to the same school.

May 4, 1995
Wow, I never thought Iíd see this thing again. I just assumed it had been lost in the move, but it somehow wound up getting into the box full of stuff from the attic of our old house. Stupid movers, canít even put things in the right containers. Not sure what possessed me to go rummaging around in the ole attic box, but Iím quite glad I did. I suppose most people would go buy a new diary, but this one already has a few entries in it, and Iíve never been the type to waste paper. <3

May 5, 1995
Well, the school yearís winding down. I didnít get to stay in my old school like I had wanted. I kept in touch with Chelsea and Julia for a few months, but they stopped calling after awhile. Bitches. ):<

May 7, 1995
Michael asked me out today. Of course, I turned him down. Normally I donít believe rumors, but it wouldnít surprise me at all if he really DOES have Herpes. Should have kept it in his pants.

May 10, 1995
Ugh, I failed another test in Algebra 2. It seems that Iím great in everything except math, which coincidentally also has the most homework. I can barely divide, much less do all the other junk Mr. Peters blabs on about. Oh well, at least Iíve got an A in everything else, so I wonít have to worry about failing.

May 11, 1995.
Michael grabbed my ass today in gym class. Now Iím stuck in detention three days for breaking his nose. ):< Looked out the window and saw a weird dog without any hair following another dog. The poor thing looked half starved, and had a limp to it. ):

May 14, 1995
Got out of detention today. Michaelís nose is bent out of shape. BAHAHAHA >=D

May 15, 1995
Went to the mall today with Jenny. Saw Grant Mitchell in the American Eagle. >.< Iíve sort of had a crush on him since fourth grade. He waved at me, and said, ďYouíre Nicole, right?Ē I just played it passive, told him that he was correct, and then promptly left the American Eagle before I started blushing like an idiot. Yep, Iíd definitely have his babies.

May 18, 1995
Wore the new blue-jean shorts today that I bought at the mall on Friday. I passed by Grant in the hallway, and he told me I looked cute in them. Any other boy I would have hit, and told to stop looking at my ass, but I didnít. I just smiled and kept walking. Stupid, stupid, stupid, I should have said something niceÖ >.<

May 19, 1995
Yuck, a mangy cat followed me to school today, hissing the whole way. It had chunks of fur missing, and itís left eye wouldnít open. I was afraid itíd bite me or something and Iíd get rabies, but it never got very close, and stopped following about a block from school. I saw Grant again today, but I donít think he saw me. Dammit.

May 20, 1995
No freaky cat followed me to school today, but I did see a dog and some grey cat, both of which where missing chunks of fur. I think some sort of animal disease is going around, or something. I hope our kitty doesnít catch it.

May 21, 1995
I didnít see any freaky animals today. I guess I was wrong about the disease thing. I heard from Brett that Grant and I both have General Health the same period next year. (:

May 22, 1995
HA!! I took my final exams in English and Science today, and I rocked them both. >=D Unfortunately, I have Algebra and Gym finals next Monday. I wonít have any problem passing my fitness test, but the Algebra exam worries me. I try to study, but the book just falls out of my hand when I try to open it. Motivation is a precious resource, and I appear to be low on it.

May 24, 1995
Sigh, this entire weekend proved fruitless. I still donít understand this stuff any better than I did Friday. I suspect that the test will kick my ass quite thoroughly.

May 25, 1995
As I feared, the Algebra exam kicked my ass quite thoroughly. -_- Oh wellÖ Needless to say, I didnít have any problems in gym.

May 26, 1995
Aced the History exam, Iím sure. >=D but during my Spanish exam, some one-legged bird kept pecking on the window. Eventually, Mr. Jonas went and shooed it away. Spanish is my second worst subject, but Iím certain I did well. Iím just glad I donít have any year-end exams in any of my electives. That means tomorrow is my last day of tenth grade. ^_^

May 27, 1995
Grant didnít show up today. I had meant to talk to him, but I guess that opportunityís gone till next year. :\\ Well, thatís ok because SUMMER VACTATION HAS STARTED!! Woo! <3

May 29, 1995
Went to the beach today with Chelsea and Julia. Didnít get to stay long though, because the life guard spotted a couple of sharks. Normally they donít come so close. I guess today was a bust, but thereís still three months of vacation left!

June 2, 1995
I was going to go over to Juliaís house, but some weird dog without hair was at my door ALL day. It was foaming at the mouth and missing a piece of itĎs scalp, and there isnít any backdoor, so I was pretty much trapped inside. I tried to poke it with a broom (slid it through the slot at the bottom of the door where you can push mail in) but the dog wouldnít move. Actually, it didnít really do much of anything. Just sat there and waited. Eventually it left, but half the day was already gone by that point. Someone really needs to do something about the strays around here. ):<

June 3, 1995
Something terrible has happened. I went to the mall today with Chelsea and Julia, and everything was going fine. But then I heard this loud, hissing, shouting noise like a thousand snakes. Then I heard screams, and then everyone else started shouting and running. We got separated from Julia in the panic, and wound up just following a group of people running for the topmost floor. All I can remember is shouting and running, confused and scared. As we ran, I saw a man with chunks of hair missing grab a woman and bite off half of her neck. I can still remember her screams. And that man wasnít the only one, when we got to the stairs I could see dozens of people attacking other people, blood going everywhere. I saw one man get ripped clean in half by two people, his guts spilling all over the floor. Thatís when Chelsea started crying, and I did too for awhile as we ran, not knowing where we were going. Eventually, we followed the crowd up onto the roof. There are about thirty of us up here, and I can barely see to write. Iím glad I had this diary in my purse, or else Iíd go insane. Writing keeps me calm. Thereís not really anything to barricade with, so a few of the heavier guys are sitting against the door. They opened it a few times to let more people in, but so far none of the crazy people have found us. They were horrible, all rotted looking, just like the dogs and cats Iíve been seeing over the last month. Itís got to be some sort of disease. I knew it. Chelsea fell asleep a few minutes ago, which is a relief. She hadnít stopped crying since we got up here. I hope nothing happens while Iím asleep, but I just canít stay awake anymore. Iíve been up all night praying. I hope Momís ok. I hope the people that attacked us downstairs were all there was. But the thing that concerns me most is why the police havenít shown up yet. Oh god I here something!! Itís the door! Theyíve fou

Item classification - Civilian journal
Location found - Remains of Pendleton Mall, Lancaster Kentucky
Case - The People VS Jordana Pharmaceuticals
Evidence number - 591
Storage number - 2543 1511 5231
Priority rank - 2
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PostSubject: Re: Nicole's Diary   Thu May 14, 2009 9:10 pm

Nice, want more, whats the red for, blood.
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PostSubject: Re: Nicole's Diary   Thu May 14, 2009 9:35 pm

Yes. Blood is a fun thing to have on paper.

Originally the Diary was going to be much longer, but since this was just warm-up for a different story entirely, I figured I'd end it quick.

My story might eventually wind up just getting turned into an RP. Story-writing is a rather lonely business.
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PostSubject: Re: Nicole's Diary   

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Nicole's Diary
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