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 Xenosaga Episode 1 "XenoCard"

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Demon Eyes Kyo

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PostSubject: Xenosaga Episode 1 "XenoCard"   Fri Jan 22, 2010 6:00 am

Recently I dug into my old video games and started playing Xenocard again on Xenosaga. And i made the ULTIMATE DECK that rarely losses. Like you need the worst hand possible to even have a chance at losing ;)

here it is the:
"Demonic Gnosis Deck"

2 Lv.1 Shion
2 Lv.1 Jr
2 Hammer
2 Soldier
2 Security Guard

2 Realian Male
1 AG-02-M
1 AG-05 (or 1 drone if you dont have that card)

2 Cherenkov
1 Zohar emulator
1 Ogre
1 Gremlin
2 Minotaur
3 Golem
1 Gargoyal
1 Unicorn

2 Surprise attack
2 UMN Invasion
1 Investigation
1 Premonition
1 Resoulution
1 Revive DX
1 Confusion
1 Song

1 Gnosis Phenomenon
1 Collective
1 Teritor Shift
1 Imainary Space

Color Guide for easy serching:

This deck is made so by the 3rd or 4th turn you are garunteed to have out either an army of Gnosis or at least 1 or 2 Minotaurs and a Gargoyal. The life on alot of these cards is 5+ so you'll be safe from direct attacks on your deck. Once the situation card's Gnosis Phenomenon and Imaginary Space cme into play you'll never have to worry about drawing out your deck on you turns. Plus theres 3 cards that let you draw from the lost and junk pile in case you need more humans!

1. For your starting hand you want to get 1 or to humans and a Realian with at least 1 golem or better. If you get a hand like this PLAY IT you'll typically knock out your opponette by the 6th or 7th turn
2. Use Mechs and Realians as meat shields till your Gnosis come into play. The Realians will not only act as shield but they fill up Blank spaces required for stronger Gnosis, and they give you a free card. The mech AG-05 is a best for a wall. It will typically survive whatever hits it, then on your second attack phase he'll blow a hole clear through for your strongest Gnosis to attack from
3. Cherenkov is awesome. Sacrifice a different human for a gnosis so it's at the top of your junk pile, then put Cherenkov up FRONT so he can deal out two damage and draw out targets. When he dies your Human on the Junk Pile will take his place for next rounds gnosis.
4. Wait to use a golem til after you can send out a minotaur. Then place the minotaur out first and use the left human for the golem. giving you 7 attack power in 1 turn, which also works as a great ambush!
5. If you have a gremlin and a mech in your hand wait to sacrifice humans till afer you get the mech out. Then next turn use the human you needed for the mech to send out the gremlin BEHIND the mech. Now everyturn your dealing ballist AND spread damage, demolishing the other players battlefield

Thats about it the rest is self explainitory. Trust me i've faced every deck and won with this setup and did 5 tournemants all the way through in a row. Only thing that stands a chance aginst this deck are "The Elsa Crew," "VX Attack," and "Homing Attack" decks. Since those three are the toughest decks computer can use.

Have Fun 8)

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Xenosaga Episode 1 "XenoCard"
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