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 Spirit that seek help(part one)

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PostSubject: Spirit that seek help(part one)   Fri Jan 29, 2010 6:30 pm

It was a fine evening, I sat favourite chair and down with a glass of lemonade, suddenly I felt a wave pass though me, its something I never felt before. Then I heard some calling me, help me please.

I stood up, thinking that my mind is playing trick with me then the sound become more clear, she called out to me. Angel of Light, help me (for a moment I dont recall I am any angel, I am an ordinary female) The voice called again "please help me, I am cold very cold" then ask asked who are you, no sound then she called again "Angel of Light, please help me"

Ok this is freaking me out, then she called again "Only you can help me, save me its very cold"
I drop my lemonade and ask again who are you what you want?
Omg she told me what i never know before,

Spirit: Angel of Light, I am very cold

Me:Who are you?

Spirit: Save me there is water every where and I am cold

Me: Where are you?

Spirit: XXXXX (sorry cannot disclose the place)*

Me: Where can I find you?

Spirit: Broken sign

Me: Broken sign?

Spirit: Broken sign with letter XX (cannot disclose the letter)*

I told her I cannot go to her because she is at the States, I am at Malaysia.

She called again please help me the water will not stop falling on my head.

I know i cannot do anything so I ask my friend to help me he is a medium at the states, the set out to the location I told them and the actually found the girl in a barrel

How I know this I do not know.

After that incident, I begin to felt the wave on an off and I don't really like it.

* ask me I will tell you.

PS if you think this is scary wait till i tell you the second and third one.

Believe it or not up to you.
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Demon Eyes Kyo

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PostSubject: Re: Spirit that seek help(part one)   Sat Jan 30, 2010 4:25 am

waits patiently for the 2nd and 3rd part

"Dying is easy, continueing to live is much more difficult... Only the STRONG will SURVIVE!!!"
"life without conflict is boring, and a world i choose not to live in."

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Spirit that seek help(part one)
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