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 Spirit seek help part 2

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PostSubject: Spirit seek help part 2   Sat Jan 30, 2010 2:38 pm

Information bout me and my sister, we both can see and talk to spirit we are called andAngel Light and Death

I was taking a bath, when i came out the familiar wave arrive and pass me, I sigh..... not again. I turn off my shower light and headed to the bed, there I stood still, she stood there crying all dirty and muddy she called out softly.

"Please help me Angel of light"

I dry my hair and sat on my dressing chair and looked at her

" and you are?" I asked

"Samantha", she reply

Me: why you come to me

Sam: I need yr help (I can sense the vengeance and hatred she had in her)

Me: what can I do to help

Sam: The one you love harm me

Me: I don't understand

Sam: I was raped and killed

Me: Who is the one I love ( try not not to think my boyfriend)

Sam: He who do not love you but you love him got an EVIL in his name.

I hung my head that is my boyfriend he got an evil in his name.

Sam continue: he planted his seed in me and killed me.

I try not to cry I been betray

Sam: Do not fear he will be dead

Me: What?

Sam: He shall die in an accident

Me: What?! Sam you come here and tell me you want to kill my boyfriend is that it?

Sam: No, I come to you to get me out of the dark damp place.

Me: Where are you?

Sam: L**** M*****

Me: That place is big,Sam

Sam: Sign say private property do not pass I am buried where the tree grow beyond the lake.

Me: Sam I cannot go there you know it right?

Sam: Yes but yr soul can.

Me: What do you mean?

Sam: Angel meditate come save me please.

Me: Sam that I will do, tell me are you really going to kill Evil?

Sam: No,he will get what he deserve

Me:I will meditate and save you (and i did)

spirit typing

Evil kill lots of innocent ppl and I am one of them and you have to stop him be his wife and be brave he will harm you like he had with all the other girls

Me: I am not going to be evil's wife.

Sam: I know

Me: let me guide you, be sure that you reach the light before dawn

Sam: Thank you,

I stood up she touch my stomach take good care of my daughter.

I am sorry Ellie I don't mean to scare you sorry bout the mess* i made I am going now

She left and where she stood was some muddy puddle*
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Spirit seek help part 2
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