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 How cruel can he be?

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PostSubject: How cruel can he be?   Sun Jan 31, 2010 11:00 am

I love to do camping and sit by campfire, listen to ghost story.

One day, I went on a hiking trip alone I like to seek the nature and look for new things.

I went in deep in the jungle and seek the jungle orchid, I know it very deep in the cave under the cliff. I found the cave and enter deeper and deeper I go and deeper. took out my torch light, I shine around, thinking to myself the orchid will be there.
Suddenly I lost grip and drop into the damp ground below. I try to stand up but I had broken my sprin my ankle, limping I tried got get out...I heard foot steps coming, I begin to limp faster and faster . Begin to panic, I must find my way out fast the foot step become closer and closer, I turn around and fell on him....omg our lips met and I try to get up. He say its ok he will help me up. When I stood up my face began to turn red.

He said "Hi my name is Leslie" I looked at him "Cherry" I say softly, and try to walk to the out the cave and you know what i fell again on his arms. I got embarass suddenly "sorry", I say quickly.

Leslie extended his hand " Let me help you" with my condition I nodded my head, he give me a piggy back out and offer me to sent me home. I refuse his offer telling him bout my quest of the jungle, he reach out from his backpack and say " Is this you are looking for?" speechless I nodded my head again.

He pick a small stalk and told me that small stalk will grow up nicely,

Ok Leslie and I dated for a few month and he have to move to Canada, Its hard for me to say good bye to him because I had fell in love with him to him like wise.

For the time being we use letter cell phone and internet to keep in contact. One night I cannot sleep i know it day there so I called Leslie a lady answer the phone and I ask if i can speak to him it important the lady said to me if that so important you can tell me i am his wife. Tears began to build in my eye lashes I hung up the phone. I began to cry and ask why me then my cell rang.

I pick it up its Leslie. he said to me this

I should have to told you sooner the day I met you I am already married and I feel in love with you, as not to lead you on I have to do this move away. a short pulse he say to me "Sorry Cherry". I think to myself how cruel can he be?

My world fall apart and I threw my cell phone away(I know that is very stupid of me)

From then on I trust no one but I like someone if only he knows

Info Like is not Love
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How cruel can he be?
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