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 FrostWizard's Very Existence

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FrostWizard's Very Existence Empty
PostSubject: FrostWizard's Very Existence   FrostWizard's Very Existence EmptyWed Nov 27, 2013 1:38 am

Nickname: FrostWizard

Games you play: Minecraft, DeadFrontier, 7DaysToDie Etc.

A little bit about yourself: I was a scientist at a secret laboratory in the North Pole regions.I was fascinated on how ice works on cells,stopping their movements and works temporarily,so I was thinking,how can I make humans have greater resistance to cold,in their maximum state,so I worked for months,years! and finally I created a serum,and because I don't have any lab rats(all dead), I injected myself with the serum. It worked,I did not feel cold when I go outside in the blizzard,but then,mutations occurred within me, my hands were deadly cold,even though my skin isn't white,and everything I touch became cold and frosty,I did not know what happened,and I can't even detect the mutations.The other scientist were angry because every liquid speciments i touch freezes,and they locked me up.After years of being locked in a refrigerator,I felt bored. Suddenly, I heard gunshots,and I did not know what was happening outside,I heard moans before,but I didn't care because it may be scientist being bored and tired.Suddenly, the metal door that was seperating me from the outside opened,revealing a human looking like a terminator,I thought that it was another experiment of theirs,but then it spoke " Come on out! Fast!" commanding me like a boss. I walked out,and he was fascinated on how I survived in the refrigerator for years. "So, Who are you?" he asked, and I told him I was Erick Fisk. He greeted me and we shaked hands,he felt the cold and he asked me to join his side,I joined and he nicknamed me FrostWizard. Since the cold,I can't be a scientist anymore because I freezes liquid,so I decided to be a farmer. And I can preserve food better since Im cool like a refrigerator Cheesy

*Level: 32
*Class: Farmer
*Weapon Build: M24,Chester 1300(Now Washington 1100), Sabre/Steel MS800..
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FrostWizard's Very Existence
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