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 Mikhail Victor's Report #1

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Mikhail Victor
Mikhail Victor

Gender : Male
Number of posts : 105
Age : 26

Character Sheet
Name: Mikhail Victor
Weapons: M4A1, SIG Pro SP2009, Mk3A2 High Explosive Grenades, Combat Knife
Items: Wireless Tactical Radio, 5.56 mm NATO Magazines, 9x19mm Parabellum Magazines

PostSubject: Mikhail Victor's Report #1   Wed May 12, 2010 7:57 pm

My report will start as this:The B.O.W.s I have encountered are far more flexible than those infected with T-Virus. Also they seem to have Fairview in a ''Deadlock'' there are small forces doing what they can to stay alive. The N4 Virus has given these zombies the ability to learn so to speak. I have seen groups of humans cornered by zombies waiting in the shadows. I will conclude my report by saying that all Umbrella personal should be extremely careful when in combat with these foes that is all. Captain Victor, Mikhail reporting to Umbrella HQ.
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Mikhail Victor's Report #1
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