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 New Zombie RP?!

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Failed Experiment

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PostSubject: New Zombie RP?!   Sat Feb 15, 2014 4:09 pm

Me, Birk, and Pengor were sitting in the chatbox today, talking about zombie dreams in vivid detail.  Before long, we decided that another zombie RP might be kind of fun, especially considering we don't actually need a lot of people to pull it off.

Therefore, I made this thread to alert anyone else who might be interested.  We also need to determine what kind of RP we want.  Do we want to start off with something more relaxed, where we determine our own combat and loot, or do we want to play with hit-dice and loot tables for a more survival/horror feel?  Both choices are valid, and whichever will get more people playing is the one we'll go with.

For starters, I'm thinking the RP will be split up into short-ish chapters, wherein we visit different settings and achieve certain goals, much like the RE games this may or may not be based on. I'm quite partial to the idea of road-tripping across a zombie-infested country in a stolen shortbus.

If this RP happens, it will be a pretty democratic one, so make yourselves heard!

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PostSubject: Re: New Zombie RP?!   Sat Feb 15, 2014 7:50 pm

I don't do so well with free-form RPs where everyone writes their own story up. I'll keep an eye on this thread & see how things go regarding that, but I'd be up for it if all went well.
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New Zombie RP?!
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